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Delayed Workers Compensation Claim in Orange County

After you receive a notification saying that your workers compensation was delayed, don’t despair. We understand that you are under a lot of stress and pain, and encourage you not to lose your hope. In order to cover for your medical bills and be able to receive full financial benefits, your only chance is hiring a legal representative. To get your case back on track, aggressive and ethical Orange County Delayed Claim attorneys at the Workers Compensation Attorney Group will make sure that all the obstacles are removed. They will help clear any suspicions and answer any questions your employer or the insurance company has. Your best shot at recovering your financial benefits is hiring a legal representative.

Orange County Delayed Claim Attorneys, At Your Service

Just like every other insurance company, your employer’s insurance company is looking out for the best interest of the shareholders. As a worker, you may be completely neglected and the insurance company will do everything to prevent you from getting your funds. They will try to make you quit and exhaust you, by delaying your claim as long as possible. The most common thing is putting a claim on a 90-day delay to investigate a discrepancy in the medical records or the main cause of the injury. Also, your claim can be delayed if you have not provided a recorded statement or signed a medical authorization statement. In any case, it is highly suggested that you seek legal help. Delayed claim attorneys at the Workers Compensation Attorney Group in Orange County have all the resources and experience needed in handling such situations. By signing a document without legal consultation, you may be losing your financial benefits. Let one of the work injury lawyers have a look at your documents before you sign them. That is the only safe way for you to preserve your financial benefits. Also, by hiring a legal representative, they will make an appeal and have your Orange County Delayed Claim reevaluated, as well as negotiate with your employer’s insurance company in order to get you the highest settlement possible. Remember that the law is on your side, and all you need is someone who knows your rights better than you do. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will help you recover your delayed financial benefits.

Delayed Claim Lawyers, Just A Phone Call Away

As soon as you received your work related injury, your clock starts ticking. You only have a certain amount of time when you can report your injury, and once it passes, your chances of getting financial benefits will drop to zero. It is essential that you report the injury as soon as it took place, as well as contact a legal representative. This way, you ensure that your case is in good hands, and you can focus on your recovery. Feel free to call, and let one of our professionals clarify the facts surrounding your delayed claim. This will, without a doubt get your case back on track, and ensure that everything else goes quickly and smoothly.

Delayed Claim Attorneys in Orange County

As an employee, you will face many challenges and pitfalls set by your employer’s insurance company. The only way to avoid them all is to:

  • Report your injury as soon as it happens – After receiving a work related injury, the first thing you should do is report the injury to your employer or supervisor. If you still haven’t done it, do it now
  • Visit a doctor – Let a medical professional examine and treat you. Make a copy of your medical treatment and pass it to your employer’s insurance company

Don’t get intimidated by the insurance company – Know your rights. You are not obliged or required to sign anything without a legal representative, nor give any type of statements. Don’t let the insurance company outsmart you:

  • consult with a legal representative before you sign any paperwork or give any type of statements
  • hire a work injury attorney – It is highly advised that you hire a work injury attorney as soon as your injury took place, to ensure that your case is directed properly and safe from many known pitfalls

Work injury attorneys at the Workers Compensation Attorney Group are at your disposal. Their knowledge and experience will guide you through the entire process, and ensure that you have access to all approved doctors, not just those selected by the insurance company. In addition, work injury attorneys will review every document that requires signing and let you know if it benefits or jeopardizes your ability to recover lost benefits. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you; hire a work injury attorney today and ensure that your claim gets approved.

You Have Nothing To Lose, Call Now

Orange County Delayed Claim Lawyers at the Workers Compensation Attorney Group understand your concern and confusion and advise you that you reach out to them. Make a phone call and have a free case evaluation. Learn everything about your legal rights, and help us help you get your case back on track. Call 714-913-6011 today! Don’t miss the time windows and lose all your financial benefits.